bispecularis-group sec. Corvids of the World

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bispecularis-group sec. Corvids of the World

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Six subspecies (bispecularis, haringtoni, interstinctus, oatesi, sinensis, taivanus); Hybrid population with brandtii-group;
Largely black greater coverts and tertials, blue-and-black barred secondaries (except tip), primary coverts, and bastard wing, and restricted white along outer webs of primaries (no white wing-patch, but blue-white stripes like primary feathers); head almost uniform pink or rufous (similar in colour to body), unstreaked crown, except for black malar patch, neck and back with same rufous colour; Clinal varation in colour, back greyish in Central and E China to Northeast Myanmar, more rufous wihtout grey in E Himalaya and more pale in W Himalaya (Nepal to Kashmir);A,B


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