Platylophus galericulatus (Cuvier, 1816) Swainson, 1832 sec. Droege, G., Corvids of the World

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Platylophus galericulatus (Cuvier, 1816) Swainson, 1832 sec. Droege, G., Corvids of the World


Asia-Tropical Malesia (BorneonativeA, Jawa (JawanativeA), Malaya (Peninsular MalaysianativeA), Sumatera (SumateranativeA))

Type specimens (Remarks)

1827: Wagler referrs to Levaillant too, but mentions Mus. Paris, Lugd., Monac. (as place of voucher deposit?)B 1806: Levaillant calls it Le Geai noir a collier blanc (ou Le Geai longup): Ce geai, absolument nouveau, habite l'isle de Java, il a été envoyé à M.Temminck, qui le conserve dans son beau cabinet à Amsterdam, où je l'ai décrit et dessiné.C 1816: Cuvier mentions Corvus galericulatus in a footnote only and referrs to a drawing of Levaillant (Nob. Vaill. 42).D 1829: Griffith shows a drawing called Vanga cristata Viel. which might be Vieillot. Griffith: Our figure is from a specimen which was seen some years ago in Riddle's Museum, Leadenhall-street.E 2004: both Levaillant's and Griffith's specimens seems to get lost, unclear where Griffith found the name Vanga cristata VieillotF Conclusions: two Syntypes exist in Berlin (Museum für Naturkunde). Holotypus get lost.


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