Garrulus Brisson, 1760 sec. Corvids of the World

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Garrulus Brisson, 1760 sec. Corvids of the World

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Common Name

English: Jays; German: Häher


Africa Northern Africa (Algeria (Algeria nativeA), Morocco (Morocco nativeA), Tunisia (Tunisia nativeA)), Asia-Temperate China (China North-Central (Beijing nativeA, Gansu nativeA, Hebei nativeA, Shanxi nativeA), China South-Central nativeA, China Southeast nativeA, Inner Mongolia nativeA, Manchuria nativeA, Qinghai (Qinghai nativeA), Tibet (Tibet nativeA)); Eastern Asia (Japan nativeA, Korea nativeA, Nansei-shoto (Nansei-shoto nativeA)); Mongolia (Mongolia (Mongolia nativeA)); Russian Far East nativeA; Siberia nativeA; Western Asia (Afghanistan (Afghanistan nativeA), Cyprus (Cyprus nativeA), East Aegean Is. (East Aegean Is. nativeA), Iran (Iran nativeA), Iraq (Iraq nativeA), Lebanon-Syria (Syria nativeA), Palestine (Israel nativeA, Jordan nativeA), Turkey (Turkey nativeA)), Asia-Tropical Indian Subcontinent (Assam (Mizoram nativeA, Tripura nativeA), East Himalaya nativeA, Nepal (Nepal nativeA), Pakistan (Pakistan nativeA), West Himalaya nativeA); Indo-China (Cambodia (Cambodia nativeA), Myanmar (Myanmar nativeA), Thailand (Thailand nativeA), Vietnam (Vietnam nativeA)), Europe Eastern Europe nativeA; Middle Europe nativeA; Northern Europe nativeA; Southeastern Europe (Bulgaria (Bulgaria nativeA), Greece (Greece nativeA), Italy (Italy nativeA), Kriti (Kriti nativeA), Romania (Romania nativeA), Sicily (Sicily nativeA), Turkey-in-Europe (Turkey-in-Europe nativeA), Yugoslavia (Bosnia-Herzegovina nativeA, Croatia nativeA, Serbia nativeA, Slovenia nativeA)); Southwestern Europe (Corse (Corse nativeA), France (France nativeA), Portugal (Portugal nativeA), Sardegna (Sardegna nativeA), Spain (Spain nativeA))

Additional Distribution Map

Distribution map Garrulus from Wallace, 1880. Following Classification of Sharpe (1877) he distinguishes 12 species within Garrulus, but does not recognize Garrulus minor and Garrulus leucotis.B

Brood parasite

Clamator glandarius (Linnaeus, 1758)C Cuculus canorus subsp. canorus Linnaeus, 1758D


Philopterus garruli Boisduval & Lacordaire, 1835E


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