Pyrrhocorax Tunstall, 1771 sec. Droege, G., Corvids of the World

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Pyrrhocorax Tunstall, 1771 sec. Droege, G., Corvids of the World


Africa Northeast Tropical Africa (Ethiopia (EthiopianativeA,1)); Northern AfricanativeA, Asia-Temperate CaucasusnativeA; China (China North-Central (GansunativeA, HebeinativeA, ShaanxinativeA, ShandongnativeA, ShanxinativeA,2), China South-Central (SichuannativeA,3), Inner MongolianativeA,4, ManchurianativeA,5, Tibet (TibetnativeA), Xinjiang (XinjiangnativeA)); Middle Asia (Kazakhstan (KazakhstannativeA,6), Kirgizistan (KirgizistannativeA), Tadzhikistan (TadzhikistannativeA), Turkmenistan (TurkmenistannativeA)); Mongolia (Mongolia (MongolianativeA)); Siberia (Altay (AltaynativeA), Tuva (TuvanativeA)); Western Asia (Afghanistan (AfghanistannativeA), Iran (IrannativeA,7), Lebanon-Syria (LebanonnativeA), Turkey (TurkeynativeA,8)), Asia-Tropical Indian Subcontinent (Assam (AssamnativeA, ManipurnativeA, MeghalayanativeA, NagalandnativeA), Bangladesh (BangladeshnativeA,9), East HimalayanativeA, India (BiharnativeA, ChandigarhnativeA, DelhinativeA, HaryananativeA, JharkhandnativeA, PunjabnativeA, Uttar PradeshnativeA, West BengalnativeA,10), Nepal (NepalnativeA), Pakistan (PakistannativeA), West HimalayanativeA), Europe nativeA
1. Highlands of N and C Ethiopia, 2. N Shanxi, 3. W Sichuan, 4. N Nei Mongol + Ningxia, 5. NW Manchuria, 6. W and E Kazakhstan, 7. N and SW Iran, 8. N and S Turkey, 9. N Bangladesh, 10. N West Bengal


Philopterus thryptocephalus (Kellogg & Paine, 1914)B Philopterus dumani R.D. Price & Hellenthal, 1998B


A. The Howard and Moore complete checklist of the birds of the world. 3rd Edition. 2003
B. Price & Hellenthal, Taxonomy of Philopterus (Phthiraptera: Philopteridae) from the Corvidae (Passeriformes), with descriptions of nine new species. in Annals of the Entomological Society of America 91 (6) [78]