Corvus levaillantii Lesson, 1831 sec. Corvids of the World

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Corvus levaillantii Lesson, 1831 sec. Corvids of the World

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Common Name

English (Thailand): Bengalese Jungle CrowA


Asia-Tropical Indian Subcontinent (Bangladesh (Bangladesh nativeB), India (Bihar nativeB, Jharkhand nativeB, West Bengal nativeB), Nepal (Nepal nativeB,1)); Indo-China (Andaman Is. (Andaman Is. nativeB), Cambodia (Cambodia nativeB), Laos (Laos nativeB,2), Myanmar (Myanmar nativeB), Thailand (Thailand nativeB), Vietnam (Vietnam nativeB,3)); Malesia (Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia nativeB,4))
1. SE Nepal, 2. S Laos, 3. S Vietnam, 4. N Malay Peninsula


Adult: Irides brown; bill, feet, tows and claws black. Plumage wholly black, the underparts glossed with steel blue, the upperparts with steel violet. Northern birds (Thailand) belong to the form, intermediate between levaillantii and macrorhynchos, which Mayr designates "Subsp. 2" (Ibis, 1940, p. 695)


Appears in Thailand werever man has gone before to clear the forest and cultivate the land. It is, accordingly, most numerous in towns and villages, but ventures also into clearings in the evergreen and ascends the mountains to as high an elevation as there are inhabited hai, on Doi Suthep reaching 3300 feet, on Doi Ang Ka, 4400 feet.A


Fruits (figs), carrionA

Brood parasite


Builds groups and sleeps in roosts during cold season (Thailand)A


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