Nucifraga Brisson, 1760 sec. Corvids of the World

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Nucifraga Brisson, 1760 sec. Corvids of the World

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Asia-Temperate China (China North-Central (Beijing nativeA, Hebei nativeA, Shanxi nativeA), China South-Central nativeA, China Southeast (Henan nativeA), Manchuria nativeA (Liaoning nativeA,1), Xinjiang (Xinjiang nativeA)); Eastern Asia (Japan nativeA, Korea nativeA, Taiwan (Taiwan nativeA)); Middle Asia (Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan nativeA,2), Kirgizistan (Kirgizistan nativeA,3)); Mongolia (Mongolia (Mongolia nativeA,4)); Russian Far East nativeA; Siberia nativeA; Western Asia (Afghanistan (Afghanistan nativeA,5)), Asia-Tropical Indian Subcontinent (East Himalaya nativeA, Nepal (Nepal nativeA,6), Pakistan (Pakistan nativeA,7), West Himalaya nativeA); Indo-China (Myanmar (Myanmar nativeA,8)), Europe Eastern Europe (Baltic States nativeA, Belarus (Belarus nativeA), Central European Russia (Central European Russia nativeA), East European Russia (East European Russia nativeA), North European Russia (North European Russia nativeA), Northwest European Russia (Northwest European Russia nativeA), Ukraine (Ukraine nativeA)); Middle Europe nativeA; Northern Europe nativeA; Southeastern Europe nativeA, Northern America Mexico (Mexico Northwest (Baja California nativeA, Sonora nativeA)); Northwestern U.S.A. (Oregon (Oregon nativeA), Washington (Washington nativeA)); Southwestern U.S.A. (Arizona (Arizona nativeA), California (California nativeA), Nevada (Nevada native: doubtfully nativeA)); Western Canada (British Columbia (British Columbia nativeA,9))
1. SW Liaoning, 2. SE Kazakhstan, 3. C Kirgizistan, 4. N Mongolia, 5. E Afghanistan, 6. C Nepal, 7. W and N Pakistan, 8. N Myanmar, 9. S British Columbia


Philopterus crassipes (Burmeister, 1838)B Myrsidea brunnea (Nitzsch, 1866)C


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