Cissa Boie, 1826 sec. Corvids of the World

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Cissa Boie, 1826 sec. Corvids of the World

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Asia-Temperate China (China South-Central (Sichuan nativeA, Yunnan nativeA), China Southeast (Guangxi nativeA), Hainan (Hainan nativeA), Tibet (Tibet nativeA)), Asia-Tropical Indian Subcontinent (Assam (Assam nativeA), East Himalaya nativeA, Nepal (Nepal nativeA), West Himalaya nativeA); Indo-China nativeA; Malesia (Borneo (Sarawak nativeA), Jawa (Jawa nativeA), Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia nativeA), Sumatera (Sumatera nativeA))


Nostrils situated near base of culmen and covered by rather soft plumes contra stiff bristles in true magpies (Pica).B


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