Dendrocitta frontalis Horsfield, 1840 sec. Droege, G., Corvids of the World

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Dendrocitta frontalis Horsfield, 1840 sec. Droege, G., Corvids of the World

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Common Name

English: Black-Browed MagpieA, Black-Browed Tree PieA, Black-Faced Tree PieB, White-naped Tree PieA


Asia-Temperate China (China South-Central (Yunnan nativeC,1)), Asia-Tropical Indian Subcontinent (Assam (Assam nativeD), East Himalaya nativeC,D,2, Nepal (Nepal nativeD,3)); Indo-China (Myanmar (Myanmar nativeC,4), Vietnam (Vietnam nativeC,5))
1. W Yunnan, 2. Jerdon (1863): found near Darjeeling at from 3000 to 5000 feet of elevation., 3. E Nepal, 4. N and NE Myanmar, 5. NW Vietnam


Forehead, top of head, car-coverts, throat and foreneck, deep black; wings and tail also black; wing-coverts (except those of the primaries) pure ash grey; the occiput, rest of the neck, breast and belly, whitish grey; the back, scapulars, upper and lower tail-coverts, vent and flanks, bright ferruginous or chesnut; the tibial feathers mixed grey and rufous. Bill and feet black; irides brown red. The bill is somewhat sgorter, and much deeper than in the other Dendrocitta species; the claws too are longer.

Length 15 inches; wing 5,25; tail 9,25; bill at front 1, 5/8 deep; tarsus 1. D
Original description: Facie aterrima, conterminio exacte circumscripto, alis caudaque nigris; occipite, vertice, collo,m pectoreque albis, diluto canescente lavatis; humeris, notaeo, hypochondriis, femoribusque badiis in ferrugnieum vergentibus; tectricibus secundariis saturato carulescenti-canis.E


Lives both on fruit, and on insects of various kinds.D


Similar to the call of D. vagabunda.D


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