Urocissa ornata (Wagler, 1829) sec. Corvids of the World

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Urocissa ornata (Wagler, 1829) sec. Corvids of the World

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Ongoing collection of data, unrevised text, last update: 2017-01-02.

Common Name

English: Ceylon Blue MagpieA,B, Ceylon Hunting-CrowC, Ceylon JayC, Sri Lanka Blue MagpieB


Asia-Tropical Indian Subcontinent (Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka nativeB,D))

Biology And Ecology

Breeding season January to March.B


One nest was placed in top of low-tree within forest.B


Usually shy and in small flocks, often with babblers, woodpeckrs, etc. Agile and acrobatic, usually flies only short distances within canopy.B


Varied, several calls loud and harsh, including a jingling, metallic chlink-chlink, rasping chrakrakrakrak; loud whee, whee and high squeaky creeik; other calls soft, conversational, and include mimicry. Some calls thin and tinny: shrill, high parakeet-like whittee or shrittee; a shrill , and a rapid chit-chee-chit (JCA).B


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