Corvus ruficollis Lesson, 1831 sec. Corvids of the World

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Corvus ruficollis Lesson, 1831 sec. Corvids of the World

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Common Name

English: Brown-necked Raven; Estonian: kõrberonk


Africa Macaronesia (Cape Verde (Cape Verde nativeA)); Northeast Tropical Africa (Chad (Chad nativeA), Socotra (Socotra nativeA), Sudan (Sudan nativeA)); Northern Africa nativeA; West Tropical Africa (Mali (Mali nativeA), Mauritania (Mauritania nativeA), Niger (Niger nativeA)), Asia-Temperate Arabian Peninsula nativeA; China (Xinjiang (Xinjiang nativeA,1)); Middle Asia (Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan nativeA,2), Kirgizistan (Kirgizistan nativeA), Tadzhikistan (Tadzhikistan nativeA)); Western Asia (Afghanistan (Afghanistan nativeA), Iran (Iran nativeA), Iraq (Iraq nativeA), Palestine nativeA, Sinai (Sinai nativeA)), Asia-Tropical Indian Subcontinent (Pakistan (Pakistan nativeA,3))
1. W Xinjiang, 2. E Kazakhstan, 3. W Pakistan


Philopterus albidus (Piaget, 1880)B


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