This website is dedicated to the worldwide distributed bird family Corvidae. All content found here is based on papers registered in the Corvids Literature Database (CLD). Today (12/2016) this portal contains only a few information on every taxon, but it is growing constantly. Currently we are working on synonyms and type information as the basis for a taxonomic portal. Please visit also CLD, currently comprising more than 8500 papers.

How to contribute

Feedback and contributions are very welcome, e.g. bibliographies, photographs, sound files, text. Please contact us at cld[at]corvids.de.

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Corvids of the World:
CLD - CoW Portal (Droege, G.; general editor) 2013+ (continuously updated): Corvids Literature Database: Corvids of the World Portal. Published at http://dataportal.corvids.de/; accessed [date].

Corvids Literature Database:
Droege, G. and Töpfer, T. (2016): The Corvids Literature Database: 500 years of ornithological research from a crow's perspective. Database: bav122. doi: 10.1093/database/bav122

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Gabi Droege, Berlin, Germany.


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